What is the back and forth for?

Is there really a need for that?

What exactly are you Justifying?

Do you know the meaning of the resistance ?

Some say Jesus is black, oh No Jesus is White. If you engage in such arguments you are more like a person standing under the sun trying to convince his or her self that the shadow that compasses him about is a lie, it is not real or the wind does not exist simply because it cannot be seen.

Jesus is both white and black, too bad you cannot see because of your ignorance and before your eyes it is fulfilled that one can be white and yet look black and someone cannot be white and look black and this can be in Variations, how do you have mixed kids ? Now it is possible to be from somewhere and look like one from another geographical location and my point exactly man was created in Male and Female it never told you they were both white, Now every race or color is important how do I know this it is very simple I see it from your lifestyle the whites want to “tan” andnthe blacks use creams or other addictive in cosmetics and all which makes them a little lighter some of this materials contain hydroquinone and many more.

Jesus christ came to All and it is by will you are to follow him in deeds, spirit and truth.

What are you mad for is there any crime the black man as committed that the white as not or vice versa so remove the color from the canvas just like I said address everyone as a human being.

God created the man and the woman he did not say I created a white , black or orange man so we must understand, we all matter no race should be brought under any subjection that I cannot be generalized.

Published by Akpederi Raymond

Author of the Spiral of Revelation, My identity graduated from the university of Babcock University with a degree In mass communication. Love covers a multitude of sin. He Embraces the concept and power of creativity and certainly grandiloquent and Loves to write engages in copy writing and Authors books at random . The definition of a perfect relationship is not devoid of wrongs it is the Ease in forgiveness in the moments of friction and cognitive dissonance. By Human standards it is not Love on which the strongest foundations are built but the decency of merciful lies. Current books - My identity, The spiral of Revelation. we must strive towards growth and improvement irrespective of the tempting excuses that presents themselves at the fore of our consciousness.

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