The Cabod of You

It is a mirror (past, present and future)

The “Cabod” of my being

I was angry at my limitations I told my wrath, my wrath did end, I was angry at confrontations and obstacles I told my wrath, my wrath did grew. The truth and essence of my being has refused to settle for the end result of this fatigue after a steady run and an unrelentless zeal to make sense of my existence never to give up in exhaustion but to fight on(,Resistencia) , the feeble ankles, the sore joints, heavy heart in rapid rhythm like that of an humming bird tells me otherwise, I know that no one should have to work this hard to unveil his true self, when reality says otherwise here I am fighting on bended knees, daily as i live often as I breath ley my whole life be an expression of your grace. My Glory Shine forth as i call you out of the darkness and subjection Come forth.

I curse today any system created to suppress the growth of mankind and the peace that comes with it, Enough i say thou wickedness of the heart of man the greed coated with the pastries of the inferno of hell scorching the hearts of the innocent and powerless. Lord arise let out heads and those that look unto you when there is none to deliver be lifted up for our bones are sore vexed and we have been set on edge. Destroy the craft of the wicked.

The Corner stone

We all know where ever the spirit of the lord is there is liberty that assurance in the faith is soothing to the soul and does more in comparison to water for a thirsty soul.

The system that is set to safe guard lives here in this land also sets them on edge and makes them complacent when captors see their bondage as tolerable they dont have a problem going back, we have people who genuinely want to be free from drugs and addictions the system created to remedy the situation as also created room for them to run back to that bondage because of the care system, even sometimes good intentions and structures can cause harm, these people know the consequences, Good and bad they have seen what it does , what makes them do it anyways broad reasons I tell you.

Here is another dimension a concept in a concept , There is something about the concept of a corner stone it never resists your choices, but one thing is sure when it is all said and done the stone which you the builder as rejected will become the chief corner stone. Which can also explain why some people never expected to be in certain relationships they are currently in right now they never imagined it would work out because it did not fit into their ideas of what should be or the picture perfect mentality. God connects people for his purpose in the end and those are bound to work out in a coasting fashion , yes can man put themselves in relationships true that lol that is why the court doors and chambers will continue to swing open.

Cave Man

We all must visit the cave of intentional seclusion at the brink of running out of excuses for everyone and for the shadows of anxiety that hunts you of what is to come illusions and flickering shades of reality. We need to recalibrate, yes in the process you will resist the urge to feel but it is necessary to Feel and not Run denial never extinguishes the problems or slay the demons but empowers them. You will run out of Excuses for everyone and you left with one option in your exhaustion Guts or Fear either ways there is an inevitable battle with vicious troops and creatures cropping through the cracks again are you going to Flee or Stay I had rather fight becuase I can no longer trust in chariots but a God who is constantly watching and he teaches my hands to war and my Fingers to fight by him I have scaled through a wall and advanced through a troop and people who i do not know will reckon with the power that propels my life forward while we fight to live for what is to come Cavery is not a loser game it is a warrior’s territory.

The Line between Love and Hate

It is a thin Line, becuase as you may have yet realize there is a thin line between what brings us pleasure and what brings us pain.

Love is very much possible outside your historical conditioning, Hate is a poison and a dysfunction, to Hate without probable cause simply from “hear say” can be very deeply rooted indeed, people carry this contamination and don’t know how it evolved in dept and intensity but they feel they must hold the beleive to remain relevant but you have tarried on this mountain for too long, it is time to give Light a chance and rise to meet the occassion, it is not an occasion of shame or condescending version of Events but Enlightenment and Empowerment this generational curse of the Fathers eating sore grapes and the children being set on edge has to pass us as a community we can be free, because to hold anyone in captivity ensures that you the captor or oppressor has to be present and the hurt comes from different route and manifests itself differently but the pain is uniform and the damage no less cataclysmic. This as denied everyone a better life. There are Inventors of life solutions to some of man’s problems e.g. cancer and autoimmune that have been destroyed from this hate and the problem still remains, there are souls given the authority by God through gifts and wisdom to solve that incurable disease but have been denied the opportunity simply because of prejudice, color , accents there are yet some jobs some people cannot get even when they are qualified because of their accent or color , where they are from. This is just a generation guilty of the same sin they are casting stones against. The Gap can be taken away.

When you cannot choose between going Green and Longevity get both



Your Loyalty does not have to Refresh

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The New Rav 4 Toyota Hybrid is a pioneer of Excellence, The Rav 4 has a 2.5 – Liter hybrid system ii engine, Who said you cannot change the game when you winning? This new advanced engine ripped with the ability to produce an ample 219 combined net horsepower for impressive acceleration all the way to highway speeds.
Not giving you any ideas but the police force got nothing on you with the new Road sign assist system designed to keep you and the road safe, using a…

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