Power of reconditioning

Power in your will to change is all you need to surmount mountains. Be grateful of the process and your present form for as clay in the hands of a brilliant potter out true forms is made manifest through the progression of time.

Lost and Found, The Touch Foundation inc.

“We will not rest until we ensure that the next generation is immune to this vile paralysis of the mind that makes people think the obligation and character needed to be the right kind of person God created them to be exist outside of them” Raymond.A

Love is the greatest, honesty is priceless and brings liberation with it.

We burn this into your consciousness this day that “obscuring any truth that affects the life of another person is equivalent to Murder”

Be intentional to reciprocate Love and it will become a culture, settle not for dust is the only element that should.

By the sword. Hypostezied. Raymond A

It was indeed a long period of silence, I write not to extol or indulge you with the enticing words of man’s Wisdom but to stir you towards the direction of the right path, we are talking about swords today, which is clearly a weapon that has always be associated with war but we must understand that the cost of ignorance will always be higher than the cost of knowledge for it is a principal thing to watch how you handle people in our journey thorough life.

In the book of Matthew 26:52 “Then Jesus says to him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.

Every human has a sword and this is lifted when the power of free will is engaged to function, the typical human is cursed to be selfish but it is important to always employ the use of a more profitable weapon called “love” , Love is what helps us to do to our neighbor as we would do to ourselves, I know sometimes we do damaging stuffs to ourselves but a right thinking mind will always seek comfort. we are humans and not perfect but the standard God has for us is nothing short of perfection it is written walk before me and be thou perfect.

You were never asked to be clever with your swords, our knowledge has made us cynical our cleverness hard and unkind, we think too much and heal too little if all one has shown you is love if you are too damaged to reciprocate it leave and they will understand you are allergic.

so many people trapped in themselves, running in circles consumed by hurt and strange aura of vindictive energy reciprocating an identical pattern of evil to people who have done them no harm just because they have been hurt, have you no Wisdom to understand that the majority can be wrong, the fact that it has been made a normal doesn’t make it right.

“The fact that it is all you know does not make it right or the best, so I beseech you when the sun of paradigm Shift rises from its chambers identify with it and resist it not”

We have raised and swung our swords sneered people with our actions and words trapping them into the external circus of derision and some spend the rest of their lives searching for freedom while you reach a conviction as you tell yourself you deserve the best and you will get it, there is one who is mightier than man and runs the affairs of men. He ensures that you receive the fruit of your Labour for the wages of sin is death, if you deceive another be rest assured that the clouds of deception will compass you about, for whatever measure you churn out it must comeback to you, the sword cannot function as diabolical without it being acted upon, you have a sword and your Choice is what gives it meaning and depicts what side you fall on, it can be used to harm or protect, yet it is the same sword, you can be an hero or an antagonist. Let your yes be yes and your No be No for if you kill anybody physically or otherwise be rest assured you must take what you deserve but Grace through repentance helps mitigate the full wrath of the karma but make the world a better place devoid of paranoia, hate by putting back your sword in its place don’t use your fellow human despitefully, betrayal is a seed that sprouts the horrible Tree of paranoia, hate, deception etc. Some humans have harm others worse than a venom. When Love crosses your path if you are allergic let it be it will go it’s way but no sin will ever go unpunished love is a weapon if you don’t use it right, hiding a truth that affects another person is equivalent to murder, God has got you till next time remain blessed.