Your Grace holds me now

Fields of Grace.

Stay Woke!!! The bible is being revealed before our Eyes in a way that defies the wisdom of the world “The world by wisdom has not found God” #Mind over matter. I cannot fight the Temptations o lord by myself, Make your strength perfect in my weaknesses, I only seek to Serve you in the capacity you have bestowed me with and subdue or distractions. I am tired of conventional words, false appearances of strength, empathy, sympathy , I want you to keep me standing If you be lifted up

If you be lifted up You will draw all men to you. I have had reasons to doubt myself but I remember you and the words and your definition of me I stand amazed, I am not amazed at my failures or short comings I am amazed at how far I have falled and yet you stay with me. I have nailed you to the cross over and over again and yet you have forgiven me, what Love can be greater?

As simple as you have made me I know your intentions for me are pure and I am glad that you see my heart. You have made so unique even in my consciousness I stand amazed at the capacity you have given me to Heal, forgive, inspire, levitate, I am not here on earth to compete for fame I cannot get that if you never wanted that for me , i just ask that you take me to a level in which when i speak just as your son everything will listen.


I used to find solace meeting like minds on here I am definitely more than what I was when I started out here but this feels good … here is a gift to man kind “Never settle”

Book Lauch underway