Don Moen – Your steadfast love

It is the little things

Except the lord builds a house they labour in vain that builds it. Love covers a multitude of sin.

Your steadfast love
Extend to the heavens
Your faithfulness
Reaches to the clouds
Your righteouness
Is like majestic mountains
And your wisdom
Like the depth of the sea
And you come to me
Filling my heart
With your loving kindness
I find my peace
In the shadows
Of your wings
I eat my fill
From the abundance
Of your household
And i drink
From the streams
Of rejoicing
You are my king
You are my king
You are my king

It is a rendition about the love of God to us.

You must carry your cross daily.

In a world with so many means to connect with each other on different levels of life yet we are far more distant than humans have every being in preceding generations, the crisis at this ptesent time only reveals what people deny, these are the times where humans who have no problem showing hate or disgust for another can openly do it under the euphemism of staying 6ft apart, it is evident in their gazes and their countenance. You are not to be 6ft apart in Empathy or Emotions just physically nevertheless if you don’t feel the pain this change has brought there is something fundamentally wrong with YOU

The Gospel Engraved in the walls of your Lifestyle.

When preaching the good news to people who will feel lead to give it to, we often get carried away in the ill feeling we get when they revolt, reject or resist the message don’t be that way dust the sands off and take your peace with you, you are to spread the truth about christ not to guarantee it’s acceptance your duty is to create the awareness only God can draw a man to him. FEEL FREE TO BE PROUD OF THE FAITH FOR IT IS THE POWER OF CHRIST THROUGH SALVATION TO ALL MEN WHICH I BELEIVE YOU HAVE RECEIVED

And fun fact you must know that corona came to reveal many things but if you were wondering if you were going to be bald by inherited traits or otherwise if you dont have enough hair in front of your Hair you have your answer 😀😀 Rona just showed u. Stay safe and more grace to you all.

When you wait to win the war before you celebrate you are defeated.

If you wait till win the war, without celebrating the victories of the battles on the way, you are defeated irrespective of the outcome of the war”

Happiness is not the fulfillment of a grand victory, it is the joy you draw out of the little victories on the way, some wait to win the war before they accept joy, jubilation and happiness forgetting that you need to celebrate the little wins along the way and let’s say it takes them longer than they expected to achieve what they are in pursuit of, they deny themselves happiness, “for his ways are not our ways” , you cannot control God with your prayers you put yourself under the control of God with your prayers for this is the ideal thing to do. When you fail to celebrate victories in battles on the way it is a sign of ungratefulness and here is what happens you get used to denying yourself the ability and the culture of celebrating and depression, sadness etc becomes a new normal. It is the little things, little details. You must be able to tell yourself I am doing great, i am putting the right effort if you are, if you are not command your courage and discipline to do so. But happiness is found in the little things, little details some try so hard to find it but if we are honest it is all around you. What are you grateful for?

Leave Hell behind, dont go back to Egypt

Leave Hell behind.

“The Little things”

Try changing someone

It is a vain effort, I know the “how” matters but in the end you cannot change anyone that does not want to be changed and be rest assured only God can I have seen people waste their entire existence trying to change a man in several relationships you have more hope and sympathy with an onion atleast you will shead tears without faking it. Don’t be blind to signs that tell you to walk away rather than waiting and becoming the sacrifice, rather than be the sacrifice let time be the sacrifice. If you are damaged by your decisions there is no saving from that. A word is enough for the wise they say, you have more than one now so… 🙂🙂🙂 why not use all the ammunitions.

You can never worship God beyond your knowledge of him. #impossicant 🙂

Felt like being unconventional with the word “impossicant” a greater degree of impossible but you get the idea. Your limit is no crime that is why it is said in the book of Matthew 7;7 seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open” now we all stand up despite what life tells us that is why we wake up to out alarms for the sake of our kids, Loved ones, life goals, career paths whatever it is that gives you motivation to get up shoes we have thr gift of pursuit but what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul, things are fleeting do not be carried away as you seek fulfilment seek God in prayer and steadfastness that you may know more and that knowledge will make you a true worshiper and a free one. Because I know whosoever the lord as set free is free indeed. It is well with you. Thank you for being here and ot giving up.