Adressing your River Jordan 

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what is a river Jordan?

Symbolic Representation of river Jordan

How will you be set free?


We all have envisaged success and not stepped on the threshold that reflects fulfilment. It is a precarious situation for the children of God to see the promise land and not get there.

This has been the plan of the devil from the genesis, people; men, women and children, who have experienced and being benefactors of the provisions of Heaven have been elevated at some point in their lives but the devil has succeeded in pulling them down, they begin to struggle and run in circles.

My experience over the years has proven to me that as we move higher the more difficult the battle becomes and this pattern of occurrence is not negotiable.

We all have destinations and there will always be a path or a distance we have to cover to reach that destination, because the devil is a specialist in making artificial provision for those outside the bosom or protective custody of Jehovah these tragic situationsis reflective in actual reality, when you see people chasing shadows in terms of careers, ambitions and life goals.

I have heard people say after completing 1/3 of a 4 years course in school they realize they need a change, this is the work of the devil he orchestrates people to waste their lives moving in the wrong direction, because he knows that anyone who does not follow the path God has apportioned for him cannot be successful, because nothing can be compared to God’s definition of Success.

That is why you see so many people who have made up their mind to chase wealth, happiness, peace end up going on a wild goose chase. This is not the plan of Jehovah for our lives we must ask for the blue print of God concerning our-lives by asking him to order oursteps.

This message is not just to bring to your notice that everyone has a great distance to cover if they are to reach or achieve the promise of God for their lives but it is also to remove the veil of ignorance as far as obstacles and shackles are concerned. It is not a question of how Disciplined, determined, intelligent, lucky you are that will determine how fast and how well you avoid these challenges engraved on your road to your promise land because you won’t but by the grace of God, for it is written in the scriptures Roman 9:16 “So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy” KJV

There are problems that are supposed to take us to the next level as an evidence of promotion and uncommon elevation but they have become the finalstop of many Christians. These problems brings us to the major issue which must be addressed, the compendium of the entire frame work of this message “River Jordan”

What is River Jordan?

We must have encountered these word “river Jordan” in several bible context, it is one thing to read the bible

it is one thing to understand it, because it is God that revealth his secret to those that fear him, understanding is what makes anything clearer, we not talking about superficial understanding but a deep rooted understanding, There is a deep significance of river Jordan which is deeply embedded in its location in certain periods and events. It has been a citadel of healing, purification and baptism but also there is another representation attached to its existence, I believe after this message you will begin to see the hidden significance of river Jordan and how we can address it.

River Jordan is anything that stands between your promotions, progress, deliverance, peace, fulfilment, happiness, salvation. It is one thing to see your destination and it is one thing to get there, the path which we all must follow to accomplish our dreams there lies a river Jordan but knowing how to address it transforms your river Jordan from being an obstacle to a power-house of healing and a stepping stone to greatness. We must understand that in certain events of the bible when people get to the river Jordan they receive healing and there is a lifting.

Your problems are not supposed to weigh you down or put a permanent stop in your life, it is to make you learn and achieve more. Problems are visitors and not permanent members. Problems are permitted to test our faith and make us stronger because it is written in Dan 11:32 “Those who know their God, shall be strong”

it must be understood that most times when people came in contact with river Jordan it must be crossed. I.e.a victory must take place healing is a victory, crossing before your enemies catch up with you is a victory.

I decree today after the authority of Jesus Christ, “You shall cross your river Jordan in the name of Jesus”

Diversion upsets destinies, this is a very serious issue everyone is mandated to cross his/her river Jordan it is not negotiable you either remain a prey in the hands of the enemy or you cross your river Jordan. Evil family pattern is a river Jordan, if you come from a family that don’t live more than a certain age e.g. 30 years old it is a river Jordan, In your family marriage never lasts, it always ends up in divorce due to any reason at an early stage that is a river Jordan, You read so well and fail or you do not pass as much as you expect that is a river Jordan, Anything you seem to touch becomes negative that is a river Jordan, You fall sick in quick succession that is a river Jordan, You seem to struggle where others are succeeding that is a river Jordan, anywhere you go you face rejection and it is becoming a regular, that is a river Jordan, You notice no matter how hard you try to move forward you still remain on the same spot it is like you moving in a circle that is a river Jordan, you experience delays at the edge of breakthroughs it is a river Jordan, no matter how fast you move in a circle or how determined you do it you will still remain in that circle, because the right hand of the lord doeth valiantly it is time to call on him. I believe you know what a river Jordan is and signs/trend that signify its presence and how serious it has to be taken because if anyone is to move forward he or she must address it with holy anger.

The God that answerth by fire shall deliver you from every patterned movement in the name of Jesus.
Symbolic representation of River Jordan.

I will now give a clearer representation of river Jordan, there are events/happeningsthat occur in our everyday lives that justifies this topic, there are people that stand as river Jordan, because the spiritual controls the physical it will interest you to know that demonic powers can stand has your river Jordan.

Let’s go to the book of Daniel: 10, Daniel had this vision a long time before the birth of Jesus. It troubled him. This vision tells us that the future of the Persian Empire had been given to Daniel. Daniel was troubled so he began fasting and praying, and three weeks later he had a visit from an angel. The angel told a remarkable story. At the very moment Daniel had begun to pray, the answer to his prayer had been granted.

Daniel asked to understand the meaning of his dream, and the lord said to one of the angelic messengers,

“Go and tell Daniel, what his dream means.” The angel sped off from heaven, but he was intercepted by demonic opposition, and for three weeks he was hindered in delivering the information to Daniel. Finally the archangel Michael was dispatched to the aid of the hindered angel. And the message got through to Daniel at last, you must understand brethren that Daniel did not stop praying, that is why it is said in the bible pray without seizing. In my church which I attend there is a motto “Pray until something happens.”

Moreover, we must understand beloveth that we cannot over-pray we can only under pray. The times which

we find ourselves is a perilous one the devil Is not relenting he can turn anything to the opposite and they

start yielding negative results, youth of these days must understand how vulnerable they can be without God the devil can transform any good thing they feel is within their control into their river Jordan. The moment

we stop praying we are finished as Christians, people converted to suicide bombers, a living soul God has created with wisdom and a sound mind will voluntarily strap explosives around themselves and give consent to death, what a tragedy!

Iconic representation of river Jordan; 

(a) Emotions; Envy, hate, Love, lust, Fear, Anger etc. It is funny when love in itself can be your river Jordan.

When the devil makes anything that is supposed to be your citadel of growth and strength a river Jordan, it Places the individual in a position whereby he or she will comfortably bask in a delusion even when it is the wrong thing to do. It is important to note that not crossing your river Jordan can bring about death. In the case of Samson in the bible he had all the strength because he was backed up by heaven but he gave in to river Jordan i.e. Delilah (people) can be your river Jordan.

Samson had conquered great men, fought and won battles but he came to the point where he needed to crossbut he did not, the devil is capable of capitalizing on our weaknessesso we must avoid the act of being willfully blind. In the book of Proverbs 14:12 “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof, are the ways of death”. (KJV) The love which he felt he had that made him to disobey God and his parents rendered him powerless and set him amongst his enemies. So many youth have wasted their lives because they believe they can find love by their own power, skill, beauty, knowledge, strength and yet they fail over and over again, we have seen girls with great potentials in life with their journey towards greatness terminated with unwanted pregnancies, rape and death. So many people have mortgaged their future to lustful desires which has only brought them unmeasurable misery, you cannot go against the jurisprudence of the host of heaven and achieve greatness in it real sense i.e. complete greatness. Emotions are strongly orchestrated by the flesh, so many people have been led astray with no chance for redemption. You cannot attain greatness if you are controlled by the flesh, you remain vulnerable to the powers of darkness when you are controlled by the flesh. You must cry to God to help tame this emotions.

The spirt of the flesh will die in your life in the name of Jesus.

The devil can use anyone, we have heard cases of Girlfriends and boyfriends used to waste lives of their opposite sex. Any girl or boy that wants to waste your life is your river Jordan. They cajole themselves to entering covenants and these things begin to manifest in their lives as they begin to see spirit husbands, spirit wives and children.

A victim of uncontrollable emotion in the bible was Reuben the son of Jacob he incurred the curse of his father because of his behavior, there are so many ways the devil can inspire Christians towards the path of destruction in the book of Gen 49:4 “Unstable as water, thou shall not excel” fornication brought this gravity of curse upon him and from that day his life never remained the same.

I pray today, anyone under a curse of thou shall not excel, shall be delivered in the name of Jesus.

-Fear: From the fall of man, the first affliction that visited man was fear, God asked Adam where he was; he

replied “I heard your voice in the garden, and I was afraid…” fear brings confusion it was evident God asked for Adam’s location the answer he gave did not answer the question, because he was terrified. God knows what fear does to man, it limits your faith in him and when this is done it takes you far from him (God) when an individual is far from God he or she is vulnerable. Never as fear being a panacea to overcoming the storms of life, fear reduces the effect of faith. That is why the bible which is the compendium of God’s thought says in

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” KJV what can we deduce from this verse? That he whom is filled with fear is devoid of peace. The devil as captured so many lives and they have remained in captivity as a result of fear. Fear renders your faith ineffective. Fear is a breeding ground for affliction and reproach. Fear limits the power of God in your life and makes you a prey to Satan, fear is a symbolic representation of river Jordan and no one can excel and win life battles with fear even when you pray and fast relentlessly. In the book of Deuteronomy 20:8 “And the officers shall speak further unto the people, and they shall say, what man is there that is fearful and fainthearted? Let him go and return unto his house, lest his brethren’s heart faint as well as his heart” with fear you cannot dominate your circumstances.


I decree that the spirit of fear is cursed from your life in Jesus name.

(b) Self: you can be a river Jordan to yourself; some people know it not that they are the architect of their own problems, so they begin to run from pillar to post for solutions. People of these generation engage in self-destructive acts that lead them to becoming stagnant. We have heard of cases where by individuals do certain thingsthat bring curses upon them and their generations a biblical example was Gehazi he failed to control greed and leprosy became his portion. Moses was God’s own and he has toiled year in year out to guide the children to the promise land but his anger, murmur brought limitations to his advancement as he made God to limit his advancement, his attitude brought his quest to freedom to an end. “Because of you the lord was incensed with me, too, and he said you shall not enter it either” Joshua son of Nun, who attends you, he shall enter it. Imbue him with strength, for he shall allot it to Israel.” Deut 1:37-38 His demonstration of anger was evident at the waters of Meribah. I pray anything in your life that will make you see your promise land and not get there shall be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

© Lack of Faith (unbelief)- This is one of the reason why prayers are not being answered, when people pray and they don’t believe they receive little or nothing from God, this syndrome has made so many shallow Christians run from churches to native doctors in search of solutions unfortunately putting more problems into their lives. We have people in the bible who have demonstrated crazy faith and moved the hand of God e.g. Daniel, Job, Abraham etc. when you are devoid of faith you cannot move the host of heaven to address your case, your prayers cannot over power the prince of Persia when you are devoid of faith because when it gets tough you stop praying, faith are categorized in different levels but the bible says in Matthew 17:20 even if your faith is has small as a monster seed you shall command mountains to be cast into the sea, when you are devoid of faith the effect of the word of God cannot manifest mightily when you need it. People as a result of the absence of faith they have perished in their river Jordan rather than cross it. Shadrach, Meshachand Abednego had crazy faith in God and God failed them not. When you are devoid of faith you cannot please God, in the book of Hebrew 11:6 but without faith it is impossible to please him; for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him.” i.e. when faith is missing, you are taking a one way ticket out of the registry of heaven.

(d) Sin

when you give sin a resting place in your heart you cannot call on the host of heaven to deliver you when you are stuck, then you remain stagnant because it becomes the case of “the devil and the deep blue sea.” Sin sends you far away from God, if you not with God you are of the devil you cannot stay on the fence it written in Psalm 66:18 “if I regard iniquity in my heart, the lord will not hear me” when the lord cannot hear

you how can you be saved? If you want to get to your destination you must wash yourself clean of any sin.

Sin is a river Jordan you cannot obtain favor from the lord when you are deeply rooted in sin. Sin is a means to an end a very destructive end, Reuben committed the sin of fornication and brought upon him the curse that rendered him uselessfrom his father, when you sin and go too far God leaves you to yourself and the fire of his wrath is rekindled. Genesis 49:4 “Unstable as water, thou shall not excel; because thou wentest up to thy father’s bed; then defiled thou it; he went up to my couch” what a pity. Children of this generation have provoked and invited curses upon their lives because of their behavior when God give consent to your punishment he personally supervises it and “Fornication and Adultery” are sins which God will personally supervise their punishment.

May the lord pull you back from your sinful ways in name of Jesus.

The inevitable confrontation of river Jordan It is written in Joshua 4: 1-24 “when all the nation had finished passing over the Jordan, the lord said to Joshua…. “ Joshua succeeded Moses yet he had to cross Jordan with the children of Israel even when they had crossed the Red sea the red sea also is a representation of obstruction so it is a Jordan, because the children had to pass through it to be emancipated it was the first challenge. You need faith to cross river Jordan. Here is a demonstration “I am not worthy of the least of all the deeds of steadfast love and all the faithfulness that you have shown to your servant, for with only my staff I crossed Jordan, and now I have become two camps”

How can you be set free?

We are in a crazy world where there is need for urgent prayers, your wife, husband, children, friends, can be your river Jordan they can be the reason you are not moving forward no one is immune to the powers of the enemy, the devil can use anyone only by the grace of God, the devil can use your loved ones to ensure that you remain in the same position all through your life. If you read the story of Eli you will be able to see how

the devil used the children of Eli to cause his death. River Jordan is always in a strategic location you cannot avoid it, neither can you walk on it because you will not make it through only by the power of God will anyone be able to pass through and advance to the next level. A biblical example of a man that had the power to move above restrictions was Elijah, he was confronted by river Jordan and with faith and his level of anointing he was unstoppable. There are certain steps you must follow;

1) Give Your life to Christ; This is not negotiable you have to surrender to the savior of the world, he who

has been given the power, God cannot move mightily on you when you are saturated with sin, you must

accept him willingly let him wash you with his blood so that you can be white as snow. That is the first step

you cannot avoid this step, if you must cross your river Jordan today you must give it all to Jesus, make Jesus

your all in all.

2) You must make faith a normal in your life; this can only happen through steady building by reading the

word of God and praying for strength to wait on the lord. You must believe absolutely.

3) Pray with holy anger in request for the anointing to make your river Jordan depart it is written in

2 king (2: 6-8) this passage is to demonstrate the anointing, a benefactor of this anointing was Elijah.

Elijah said to him “please stay here, for the lord has sent me to the Jordan” But he said. As the lord lives, and as you yourself live, I will not leave you “So the two of them went on. Fifty men of the sons of the prophets also went and stood at some distance from them, as they both were standing by the Jordan, Then Elijah took his cloak and rolled it up and struck the water, and he water was parted to the one side and to the other,

till the two of them could go over on dry land”

I was made to understand by inspiration that river Jordan was standing in their way, so the anointing had to

intervene, because I wonder what the sons of the prophet would have done if they were alone.

Elisha requested for the double portion of Elijah’s anointing and Elijah told him if he sees him when he is taken up to heaven then he will get the power, Elisha followed him diligently they crossed Jordan, Elisha with holy determination followed Elijah by also crossing even when he had no idea how he was going to cross back and he saw Elijah taken up by the chariot of fire with his mantle left behind and the double portion came upon him, when he was confronted by river Jordan he cried out loud and said ; “Where is the lord God of Elijah…” and then he smote the waters and it departed. This is not to tell you how efficient the power was, but to tell you with faith you move the hand of God, when the hand of God his moved for your sake you command even the lifeless to come alive, you command even the inanimate objects to obey you.

You cannot serve the Prince of Peace and your life will be devoid of peace. If you are tired of staying in the same position you are going to have to call the attention of the God of Elijah.

That anointing will intervene for you today in the name of Jesus.

When the above steps are followed carefully and diligently I believe every symbolic representation of river Jordan will depart in the name of Jesus.

Prayer points

(a) Where is the lord God of Elijah arise and move me forward by fire in the name of Jesus.

(b) Jesus son of David have mercy upon me today in the name of Jesus.

(c) Every river Jordan in my life depart by fire in the name of Jesus.

(d) The anointing to move the hand of God fall upon my life right now in the name of Jesus.

Published by Akpederi Raymond

Author of the Spiral of Revelation, My identity graduated from the university of Babcock University with a degree In mass communication. Love covers a multitude of sin. He Embraces the concept and power of creativity and certainly grandiloquent and Loves to write engages in copy writing and Authors books at random . The definition of a perfect relationship is not devoid of wrongs it is the Ease in forgiveness in the moments of friction and cognitive dissonance. By Human standards it is not Love on which the strongest foundations are built but the decency of merciful lies. Current books - My identity, The spiral of Revelation. we must strive towards growth and improvement irrespective of the tempting excuses that presents themselves at the fore of our consciousness.

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