There is no crime the white as committed that the black as not committed and vice versa.

Mention one! The same crime they are guilty of, we all matter and if you don’t believe that there is a special place for you in Hell and I assure you it is a 5 star reservation because you actually made the devil jobless by helping him do his job and making it simple and boring. Common challenge yourselves Love be unpredictable when we have been programmed to see you as enemies Love. Let the phase of “uniting” begin and let it end and evolve into a culture called united.

The demonstration of hate runs so deep even the devil weeps and the initiators of these mindset are rolling in their graves I regrets even if they are not they are yet hell bound.

I hear people say oh the whites made and showed us what it means to be violent I understand that but I beleive i don’t want to be like them in the first place that is why I am resisting and I have to remain maladjusted.

People have talked, protested, marched peacefully and sometimes violently they want one thing treat them like you treat yourself, it is not rocket science.

In a Society where people live and they are seen as guilty before seen In a good light (vindicated), why the prejudice? Who or what are you really fighting? They don’t compete for your women, the jobs are limitless, you marry your kind and you are divorced, people marry outside their race and all they last longer sometimes than people of the same kind or race, you hate your jobs they hate theirs too, why because you go and do the same thing everyday but yet you hate the variation that comes with having people of different race and behaviours , variety is the spice of life and it will always be so, you divorced your wife because you are tired of the same thing, we all share this frustrations we can make it better by respecting each others efforts to live and let live there is really no competition.

The Uniting states of America is the actual name of the USA.

The country has advanced in diverse grounds but yet ignorance brings her to her knees, United states of America is an ironical statement and the recent happenings are a rude awakening to the people, thank God I am maladjusted. “Land of the Free” is it ? If it was I am not exactly sure it will be stated because it will be a normal and things that are normal or ordinary become obvious and they are mentioned less but we all know, we are not that statement “Land of the free” is a vision of what America needs to be. All in uniforms oppressor and the oppressed.

We must understand the country has won so many battles but unity is not part of them, so therefore it is the uniting states of America. They can never be united when oppression, stereotyping, stigmatizing is an accepted culture.

There is no crime a black man or woman as committed that a white as not, so what is the argument exactly why demonstrate righteousness over another when guilty of the same grounds of condemnation, I am not picking sides both blacks and whites have done wrong, it is not a question of who is more dominant or righteous , it is a question of Truth. If both put down the weapons of war and be strong for both what happens? There is just one message “dont so what you cannot handle if it was reciprocated”

It is possible. Accepting that we need a change is difficult and finally after we gracefully accept it, initiating that change is harder but we must draw from the well of possibility and the long term value it promises. I don’t know the origin at depth, nor politics from cover to cover but I know this one thing it will cost you more to hate and manifested that hatred than Love.


You cannot hate your way out of this bondage it is a mutual bondage of both the oppressed and the oppressor, only Love can do that. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF, you do not intend to live a life looking over your shoulder and with the idea someone is out to get you so does he or she, start Loving we all have to eat the pie of peace.

Historical conditioning, the Same bondage, Let us just remove the paint.

The historical conditioning as made it difficult for people to treat each other with dignity and respect irrespective of how they look and what they wear, white Law enforcers, victims, human uproar, injustice, resistance, cover ups and defense schemes and mechanisms these are all Reactions, these are the reactions to the historical conditioning that has been passed down between Two people on the opposite sides of the coin, The white generation have been thought to always establish dominance wherever and whenever even when this flawed thought as also caged the captors in the same bongade and the prideful leash has only served as an anchor to the dimensions of fear, paranoia, bitterness and shame in the small bondage you facilitate with the resources of bitterness and wickedness you have been made to watch and yet you forget that to hold someone or keep them down you have to be present to do it i.e. you have to be there to maintain and reinforce the shackles and chains which only means irrespective if your positon you have to give up your freedom too just to ensure another human like you stays down, I weep over this generation not the older humans but the children because these actions are conditioning minds and the children are gradually becoming victims white or blacks learning and unlearning truth, right and wrong.

I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone I like to help everyone possible irrespective of the how you look and where you from, humans beings are like that we like to live by each others happiness not by each others mystery the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone there is one thing time as proven the white are in chains, so are the blacks, they both are in uniforms they have both oppressed each other and held themselves down. We can be better not safe.

No shadow of Turning

Dedication in truth and spirit can be harder than you envisage, you can only know or see the line of discrepancy when you indeed engage faith in spirit and truth but in the end if we do not persevere what do we have left as our expectations crumble like a pack of cards with the feeling of helplessness and powerlessness to even savage the situation you cannot advice anybody beyond the limit of your experience and understanding and in depth your conviction, No doubt with all that is said and done some people still see it as ideal to treat a person below the threshold of how a human is suppose to be treated I have no strength to protest but I know a God who rules over the affairs of Men will weigh your actions. I hate wickedness a living breathing human being who would treat a pet with more dignity and care than he will treat a Human being let’s remove black from the paint exactly there is a gray area because the picture would never be complete. LIVE AND LET LIVE, THE GOOD EARTH IS RICH AMD CAN PROVIDE FOR EVERYONE.

I will be working on a life project #Autoimmune

This project will be dedicated to any and everyone going through Autoimune diseases specially and anyone going though medical conditions that are indeed hard to carry but we cannot drop them or give up this will be for you. This project and manifestation will be made to the public soon but I want you to know information is power and that power gives perspective and the courage to command your faith I pray and hope you find that reason to feel special and loved as you come in contact with Revelation that will change your life going forward irrespective of the outcome.

God does not make mistake and he did not begin with “You”

I love not my life even until death

You are beloved High or Low.

I recently had a conversation with one who doest share the same conviction with me on faith and for me I belong to the school of thought that the mercy and grace of God is made perfect in our weaknesses, we get to that point where we knee and yet no words come out of our mouth because of the anxiety that consumes us on the inside, those times we do not intentionally decide not to pray but we are just so weak and overwhelmed but the argument was it is wrong irrespective not to pray at such times and my point was we have to allow ourselves feel at some point and recover but yes even at this point we need wrestle with the guilt of being silent and numb not praying but more like grieving becuase things did not go as we plan it we must allow ourselves feel and go to God as fast as possible as sok. as we find little strength to, even it is just a glimmer of hope. I believe God is faithful even when we are not, he is strong for our sakes, becuase he knows what it means for us to be overwhelmed and does not judge us for being tired and confused even when we do not understand his ways.

In the end, black killings, Need God

The black race irrespective of their positioning or where they find themsleves they need God more than anything to order their steps. When God does they won’t be recipient of this double standards, not be associated with counterfeit things and all and be giving the grace to live above this stereotype even if he had almost paid with a counterfeit money In the counter how are they sure he knew it was before he got there at the store there is no ground for such gestures it is a full demonstration of hate and it is sad because he will be forgotten soon in an heartbeat like every other victims. We need divine covering just like sun screen for the white we need Jesus alongside this color that has become a weapon, God help us all.

Conscientious perpetuation of Evil

This needs to be rooted out. Feels like I was watching a movie and some people think others are over-reacting. How long would the black race fear they won’t be able to leave their sons and daughters on the streets or send them on an errand to the store with the confidence that they will return safe, for how long will a race resist the Injustice and cave under the pressure that their lives can be taken away without hesitation, how long will the streams of justice seize to flow through different jurisdictions, how long will the hand of evil be over looked and played down like an handshake, how long will the entire humans be reminded that hate cannot drive hate only love can , how long will it take for the soul of man to understand that darkness cannot drive out darkness, despite the paranoia that and the quaking fear crippling the emancipation that was a long drawn benefit from a diabolical war, color as become the new symbol for threat this is very condescending and hard to watch. The freedom and equality was a counterfeit cheque in the begining and the fruits are before our eyes this needs to stop as for the humans that see this as a normal and you are cursed to witness untold pain and an anguish that cannot be contained by medical breakthroughs, a merciless death, I know there are souls like that wrestling trainer that see the whole issue as a joke I wish you a fate far worse as I speak I feel the crippling paranoia in the air , how may things can they run from? They run from the virus they are ambushed by the brutality of the police force with injustice, how long will it take for injustice to be addressed objectively as it is not sugar coated, only the unloved hate this issue as remained too long we have tarried on this mountain for too long and stayed the hands of justice and perverted them far too long you workers of iniquity, this curse and poison as remained because we have not shown them how the wrath of their hatred feels like, they need to taste their wickedness they cannot just be fired it is far too small that is like a ceremonial discharge their heads should be demanded of them not just the man with the knee the entire crew that filmed that atrocity, death is to be the demonstration and a lesson for those who have been doing similar and have not yet being caught.