We are spirit beings on a lease

You are on a lease with that body, when the spirit is released then the life force which empowers your mortal body goes away. When your spirit is released what will people say you have done, how many lives have you influenced. If you dont believe in a God but I am sitr you know there is death of the body or a Release.

The difference between the Rich, Wealthy and the uncategorized

Even the ones who you see as poor they possess what even the rich does not possess. The power to live above carnality they are spiritually minded and that is only attainable by the spirit of God and grace. One who is not spiritually minded will never have enough which answers the question of greed amongst politicians and people who are not contempt. Even the wealthy have something that keeps them up at night while others who dont have as much sleep at night. Peace of God it supperseth all human understanding. I trust God that your faith in God cannot be consumed by fear.

Plague and the Lesson

The lesson cuts through different walls of perception of people who have stood against the church in their unwillingness to accept the gospel, they stereotype the church as the building at these times it will be made known that faith goes far beyond walls, there is no barrier in the realm of the spirit and the chruch are the people and what makes them the chruch and the representation of God in earth is their believe in him and the commandments that guides their way of life your acceptance as a sheep is not dependent on your righteousness is your acceptance of truth and knowing that it will not make sense to logical limits, the chruch are the people the bigger question is what have you anchored yourself to? Fulfilment cannot exist outside christ you are feel to prove me wrong but you cannot attain the possessions and know that despite having all something important can be missing.


When you resist the Devil he will flee from you. It takes grace to do so but it is easier with the word of God and his spirit.

This is my shout out to some of the brave people like Mr. Todd that i have met and as inspired me on reasons why I should not give up on encouraging people to make a turn around despite mistakes in our past watching him taking steps for a turn around and resisting the urge to quit is a powerful tool for our survival as people of Faith.

The most beautiful thing about a turn around I that your progress starts immediately the direction changes towards the right destination.

I hope that you prosper in good health even as your soul prospers.

James 4:7 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.