Music is a citadel of power through message

Remove the color from the canvas.

I cannot imagine a life without Music especially the ones that have come out from talented souls black, white, pink or rainbow. can you imagine the fun the world would have missed out on?, yet there is are losses we should not shy away from counting them because we have sent to the grave early some songs, books and many more in this detrimental obsessions over superiority and Hate. It will take you more energy to hate than to love.

We can do better, no need for roud and turning tables and that symbolizes beating round the bush, Amend whatever needs to be amended from the constitution down to the scope.of operations block by block, jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Blacks we need to do better.

“Blacks let us do better, by being far from allegedleis or allergies”

Blacks we need to do better, not because we are less or wrong but because just like every other human being, you are born great. Yes clearly some people did not make good choices, it does not justify the injustice and killings which is one sided but let us increasingly keep reducing the reasons for them to attack us in the first place, by being far from violence, crimes etc even if it is by a whisker (No reasons for allegedly or allergies) , yes we cannot control somethings but let us attempt correction, change and let God come in for the insufficencies. No more excuses.

” Grace abounds”

As for the white humans who think it is okay be hateful the next blank spaces after this is for you

My silence, you will reap the Evil you sow, God is loving and he is just, meaning you being forgiven does not mean your consequences will not come they will but you will be set free after.

Jesus is not Black or white

Jesus is both or just call him Jesus. Easy 🙂

You can be black and be white inside and black and be white inside and yes we have some who have the manifestations of both race on the outside which the world like to call “mixed kids”

I hear that argument and I beleive it is a sick argument, what exactly is the profit of the argument exactly to say that one race is superior to the other ?? It is okay to not know or have an answer , don’t get fill in the gap by all means it is not an exam or certification ritual. When Man was created in the begining he created man did you see black or white man? GOD created woman did you hear black or white woman? Exactly.

The white race decided to associate themselves with him and accepted the mindset that Jesus is white on that ground the Black can do the same.

Besides Jesus is the humus man (flesh) that is the christ that was born “for unto us a child is born, and unto us a son is given” christ is the Son and he was not born he was given there is no need for the arguments christ does not have a color even if Jesus did have outwardly for those who see color. No race is less important we all are part of his plans here on earth yes there are some consumed by hate and gross wickedness but God still Rules over the affairs of men lies speed, truth has endurance and no matter how fast lie runs truth still catches up the race is not for the swift do you not know that already?

What is the back and forth for?

Is there really a need for that?

What exactly are you Justifying?

Do you know the meaning of the resistance ?

Some say Jesus is black, oh No Jesus is White. If you engage in such arguments you are more like a person standing under the sun trying to convince his or her self that the shadow that compasses him about is a lie, it is not real or the wind does not exist simply because it cannot be seen.

Jesus is both white and black, too bad you cannot see because of your ignorance and before your eyes it is fulfilled that one can be white and yet look black and someone cannot be white and look black and this can be in Variations, how do you have mixed kids ? Now it is possible to be from somewhere and look like one from another geographical location and my point exactly man was created in Male and Female it never told you they were both white, Now every race or color is important how do I know this it is very simple I see it from your lifestyle the whites want to “tan” andnthe blacks use creams or other addictive in cosmetics and all which makes them a little lighter some of this materials contain hydroquinone and many more.

Jesus christ came to All and it is by will you are to follow him in deeds, spirit and truth.

What are you mad for is there any crime the black man as committed that the white as not or vice versa so remove the color from the canvas just like I said address everyone as a human being.

God created the man and the woman he did not say I created a white , black or orange man so we must understand, we all matter no race should be brought under any subjection that I cannot be generalized.

Home sick #This version of Earth is fleeting , what hope do you have ahead of you?

The world has become an unnatural. These times tells us there is somewhere better we all need to aspire to be, if you called earth your home before now too sad and what will be worse if you have nothing else to look forward to.

If there is anything you must know, we are all strangers here on earth i.e. picture yourselves as visitors no matter how long a visitor stays somewhere else, he is always a visitor and will have to return home one day and somehow irrespetive of the hospitality. This version of Earth is fleeting

You’re in a better place
I’ve heard a thousand times
And at least a thousand times
I’ve rejoiced for youBut the reason why I’m broken
The reason why I cry
Is how long must I wait to be with youI close my eyes and I see your face
If home’s where my heart is then I’m out of place
Lord, won’t you give me strength
To make it through somehow
I’ve never been more homesick than nowHelp me Lord cause I don’t understand your ways
The reason why I wonder if I’ll ever know
But, even if you showed me
The hurt would be the same
Cause I’m still here so far away from homeI close my eyes and I see your face
If home’s where my heart is then I’m out of place
Lord, won’t you give me strength
To make it through somehow
I’ve never been more homesick than now

By His Hands and Might. #Troops, #Leap #Wall

God I hate falling, even stumbling I understand it is the fate that comes with treading the path you have set before me, yes I was sure by now that you would have reached out and wipe our tears away and give us a new song, yes indeed am weary and the anxiety and futile efforts dries up my bones and my joy is pulled back to be entrapped in Egypt, yes you are an orderly God ordering the steps of an impatient man, I pray thee that you satisfy me early, the uncertainty leaves me ripping and running in my own fears and inadequacies but I am counting on your promises, for the steps of the righteous are ordered, tho he may fall, but he shall rise for the lord will uphold him.

Yes constantly hunted by my Hopes, dreams and ambitions be gracious that my expectations may not be cut short.

For by you I have advanced against a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall.

A house divided against itself

Some of you people black or white are poor and limited despite the opportunities you have had because you choose hatred, division maybe the cure for that cancer, autoimmune and many more that so much destroys the lives of every humans is in the hands of a black man who had been shot dead, or deprived opportunities, maybe that solution that you seek is outside your race but because you have shut out the same human like you God created, you became shortchanged and in the cause deprived the world advancement, maybe you in a divorce proceeding who said who you were meant to be with is not outside your race and yet we wonder why divorce is at a high, you can book a therapist all you want not one of them can open the doors of your soul you have surrendered the key of hate to, you have become bent over.

Some of you desire somethings that even one in your race cannot offer but you have allowed the hate rip you off and you ask why you are in circles ? Why you are ripping and running? Too much pride.

The choice of leadership of the people of America is a Revelation of who they are and how they think – Pride.

This is costing everyone, we cannot remain or go back to Egypt we have to do better by changing sometimes the only way is a hard one and rough one at that. For a house divided against itself shall not stand. No constitution Is powerful enough to do that only the reciprocatity of Love and Respect.