The Touch is a spin off of the spiral

“On the principles of Wisdom I am made to understand that life gives you a definition of what we call or classify as a problem” #The spiral

“The world awaits the manifestation of the sons of God … that touch of kindness can guarantee that manifestation, save lives, your existence is not all about you”

The touch will impact lives positively

Will release that dopamine kind of joy in the lives of people and ignite the fire of revelation… “we will not discard humble beginnings”. With a great ” deliverance”. We will Progress… God gives the increase The Touch Foundation (non -profit) will stand on the principles of God and will prevail

It’s here

With God all things are possible

The fears are present, the choices await you stir you in the face… but even when my feet are wobbling my case is different, never choose this path but I will be sure to say alive … happy he is the one that shows Mercy based on your identity on the inside.

The spiral

Multi dimensional book which is originally called the spiral and nicknamed the “hybrid” because of its ability to integrate the power of the God made manifest in testimonies through Life scenarios and life struggles. #Saved # Recovery # Discovery # power #Empowerment # Survival #Triumph #strugles ….