Music is a citadel of power through message

Remove the color from the canvas. I cannot imagine a life without Music especially the ones that have come out from talented souls black, white, pink or rainbow. can you imagine the fun the world would have missed out on?, yet there is are losses we should not shy away from counting them because weContinue reading “Music is a citadel of power through message”

Blacks we need to do better.

“Blacks let us do better, by being far from allegedleis or allergies” Blacks we need to do better, not because we are less or wrong but because just like every other human being, you are born great. Yes clearly some people did not make good choices, it does not justify the injustice and killings whichContinue reading “Blacks we need to do better.”

Home sick #This version of Earth is fleeting , what hope do you have ahead of you?

The world has become an unnatural. These times tells us there is somewhere better we all need to aspire to be, if you called earth your home before now too sad and what will be worse if you have nothing else to look forward to. If there is anything you must know, we are allContinue reading “Home sick #This version of Earth is fleeting , what hope do you have ahead of you?”

By His Hands and Might. #Troops, #Leap #Wall

God I hate falling, even stumbling I understand it is the fate that comes with treading the path you have set before me, yes I was sure by now that you would have reached out and wipe our tears away and give us a new song, yes indeed am weary and the anxiety and futileContinue reading “By His Hands and Might. #Troops, #Leap #Wall”