Blacks we need to do better.

“Blacks let us do better, by being far from allegedleis or allergies”

Blacks we need to do better, not because we are less or wrong but because just like every other human being, you are born great. Yes clearly some people did not make good choices, it does not justify the injustice and killings which is one sided but let us increasingly keep reducing the reasons for them to attack us in the first place, by being far from violence, crimes etc even if it is by a whisker (No reasons for allegedly or allergies) , yes we cannot control somethings but let us attempt correction, change and let God come in for the insufficencies. No more excuses.

” Grace abounds”

As for the white humans who think it is okay be hateful the next blank spaces after this is for you

My silence, you will reap the Evil you sow, God is loving and he is just, meaning you being forgiven does not mean your consequences will not come they will but you will be set free after.

Published by Akpederi Raymond

Author of the Spiral of Revelation, My identity graduated from the university of Bu with a degree In mass communication. Love covers a multitude of sin. Embraces the concept and power of creativity.

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