A house divided against itself

Some of you people black or white are poor and limited despite the opportunities you have had because you choose hatred, division maybe the cure for that cancer, autoimmune and many more that so much destroys the lives of every humans is in the hands of a black man who had been shot dead, or deprived opportunities, maybe that solution that you seek is outside your race but because you have shut out the same human like you God created, you became shortchanged and in the cause deprived the world advancement, maybe you in a divorce proceeding who said who you were meant to be with is not outside your race and yet we wonder why divorce is at a high, you can book a therapist all you want not one of them can open the doors of your soul you have surrendered the key of hate to, you have become bent over.

Some of you desire somethings that even one in your race cannot offer but you have allowed the hate rip you off and you ask why you are in circles ? Why you are ripping and running? Too much pride.

The choice of leadership of the people of America is a Revelation of who they are and how they think – Pride.

This is costing everyone, we cannot remain or go back to Egypt we have to do better by changing sometimes the only way is a hard one and rough one at that. For a house divided against itself shall not stand. No constitution Is powerful enough to do that only the reciprocatity of Love and Respect.

Published by Akpederi Raymond

Author of the Spiral of Revelation, My identity graduated from the university of Babcock University with a degree In mass communication. Love covers a multitude of sin. He Embraces the concept and power of creativity and certainly grandiloquent and Loves to write engages in copy writing and Authors books at random . The definition of a perfect relationship is not devoid of wrongs it is the Ease in forgiveness in the moments of friction and cognitive dissonance. By Human standards it is not Love on which the strongest foundations are built but the decency of merciful lies. Current books - My identity, The spiral of Revelation. we must strive towards growth and improvement irrespective of the tempting excuses that presents themselves at the fore of our consciousness.

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