Special rendition …if you struggle to do kingdom acts re-examine your salvation

I feel terribly sorry for those that will fall because they will be mislead by what they hear, because we are frown to follow God with our heads not our hearts the same trend the Israelites did and failed ….salvation is personal so it is for the encounter there is no remodification to the essence of God and his acts and none can replace another but some acts bring much fruit for some than the other, our faces are different so are our destinies , you are not to follow the crowd when worshipping God or egagaing in convennant actions or acts you do it has been lead, GOD is so merciful he will advise you on how to please him is that not rare giving, tithing, first fruit etc. Are all kingdom act and they yield abundantly even if you are too myopic or impaired to see it .. some people give by helping those in need and it works for them, people are committed to tithing and it works for them this kingdom acts are bound to yield for the father cannot owe Any man but i will not have you ignorant leaving with the mindset “why it how can this happen when I pay my tithe, offering , first fruit and ibguve ” anything you receive from the father is a privilege it is work for you to place it on a psychological scale or weigh it on a balance under the euphemism that your offerings, tithe, first fruit, act of giving is a mandate for you to receive because you have received something that which you do not deserve in the first place when you paid nothing even if you did it cannot equate the sacrifice , your sacrifice cannot be more than that which Jesus mad eon the cross, beloveth it is of utter most importance that you key into all dimensions of the covenant actions and reap in the best way that you can by listening to the voice of your maker and discern”. Thank you


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