God saw the light and it was good

Light is a representation of hope, guidiance , step worthy movements , salvation , peace , Jesus ….

Jesus said in as much as he is on this earth he is the light of the world so when he died on the cross he replicated himself in us so we ought to manifest as the light … We should be a beam of hope to the depressed , people must glorify God in us, men and women must reckon with us …

Genesis 1:4 “God saw the light and it was good”  when we manifest as that light we delight God , we become a sweet smelling savour to him.. gone are the days when I use to be ashamed of the gospel .. how can I be ashamed of the God that saved me from myself , my decisions … 

It is like a man saying he is ashamed of the first aid box that he used to heal himself because he wants to show he is infalliable … When we live a sinful life we fail to walk in that light which has been given to us, We abandon that hope , peace , step worthy direction …. I am happy to be filled again with this boldness …. I am no longer ashamed of the gospel , I am from above because my father is and I will not operate under the limitations of this world … My joy must sprout up , my head must be lifted in my humble beginings even now I saw what the Lord could do 


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