There is a message

in the feeding of the five thousands (5,000) with Five loaves and Two fishes…. there is a lesson;  God can turn little into abundance. if you look deeply you will notice that the food was a need in that present time i.e. what ever the case might be Jesus is creative enough and mighty enough to improvise, augment, transform for your sake. Jesus blessed the food and abundance followed.

The waiting process sometimes is terrifying but there is always a response, we are citizens of heaven on assignment on the earth because he has made us witnesses and our life must glorify him who sent us he would not live us stranded, i turned not to God out of religious inheritance or by the reason of birth into a straight laced christian home but by the fact that when i needed response in my time of need, emptiness there was a deafening silence on different occasions from all dimensions of life, God intervened and he made know it was only him endued with power to deliver, this reaffirms the words of the most productive book in the world the “bible”  …No man receives anything except giving to him by the father” because in my uncertainty he has given me  unparalleled victory.    I might forget all but each time i remember how unworthy i am to have this provisions i stand Amazed and the fire is rekindled.

I just pray that today and now God will be made strength in your weaknesses.
He will turn lack to abundance even before needs gets a name in your life… THANK YOU jESUS.


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