Grace the gas for the race of life … 

Raymond Akpederi 

I have been made to understand that for you to be saved in the first place is by grace. That Grace is the only fundamental item you must have and retain for you to run the race of life … 

Grace gives you mandate … I am a benefactor of that grace but I speak to someone today who needs to forgive and release his or her hate to the wind I will be dammed if I neglect this topic .. yes Grace gives you the mandate to access God’s blessing and say bodly that you are a child of God … If you cause another man to SIn you are equally as guilty as the person who falls into temptation 

We must understand the bargain in the lords prayer as “forgive us our sins as we forgive those who tresspass against us” 

It is a bargain and it is not negotiable , it matters not if you wrong or right you must release that hate to the wind it is too much burden … It is a portal to sickness and diseases e.g. Eye blood pressure etc. 

When you choose to hold too against a person it gradually becomes a personal and a catalyst for a negative change 

Unforgiveness is a spirit … It is a hard one , you have to pray for grace to forgive , the grace to forgive is a superlative than the basic kind of grace . It is a virtue 

If you die with that hate in your heart where do you think you are headed ?? 

Save your soul !! Don’t let those battles you have won in the Christian race be in vain … You will run out of gas … You ought to be on the increase … God will help you try more … I had problems with tossing my hate, pain , anger  to the wind until I had an Encounter .. This might be your own encounter . 


Fill me up Jesus and remove unforgiveness from my life. 

Father help me not to run out of grace in the race of life. 


6 thoughts on “Grace the gas for the race of life … 

  1. Efua says:

    Very true. I have discovered that it is easier to forgive when i decide to start praying for that person that offended me. The more i pray, the more my heart gets softened towards that person. We have to choose daily to forgive no matter what the offense is. Forgiveness is more beneficial to us than it is to the offender. Thanks for this post.


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