Battling my fears and winning the war 

Through every change I had to adapt to and find my bearing positively … I have had to battle my fear for the uncertain … It more like a feeling of getting scared of surprises … I have ambitions even greater than myself because the greatness I envisage as only be conceived by a glimpse by my mind , I need reassurance and solace from one who is higher than I am , God of my fathers … I speak to him but sometimes the defeaning silence sends fear down my entire being, what if I have done something wrong ? But I am lead back on track by the grace that pulled me to him in the first place despite all my wrong doings …. If he had not struck me down those times his mercy will speak. 

My fears are begining to take root trying to manifest in concrete and cystal clear imagery In  my dreams irrespective of my fears I will not accept the results of those fears so I renounce them and pray for its manifestation if it is positive , Lord do not tarry answer the prayers of my heart which is kick started at every moment I am lost In  thought and at peace with nothing on my to-do-list feel me Lord with boldness .. I cannot leave comfortabely knowing I hurt someone .. if I have heal me and have mercy … Shew me thy glory , show yourself strong …. #introspection 

I need your grace to run the race of life 


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