Hedge and the Standard 

The standard and the hedge ..this post was deeply inspired by my trials this past few weeks , from the excruciating pain that accompanied the ordeal on the 7th of June  it was a tormenting one … 

“When the enemy comes upon you me like a flood , the spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him ” 

I am grateful for the hedge the Lord surrounded me with , he cut short the expectations of the wicked , the enemy struck but God intervened

On the 7th June of 2017 I was involved in an auto crash and I almost lost my right eye I had other injuries but I was more concerned with my eye because The eyes is very important , because it is the window of the heart I could not be at peace losing my eye… The pain was too Much apart from the total darkness in that right eye the trauma and the fear of the uncertain took sleep from my painful eyes as I anticipated to see the doctor the next day … I cried and hoped that God helped me through it I could not tell my parents as they were far from me and they could do little or nothing and besides it would only create more panic and that is one thing I did not want …

I cried to God and beat myself up but one verse prevailed Jeremiah 17:14 “heal me O Lord I will be healed save me I Lord and I will be saved for my praise belongs to you ” 

The verse became  a lullaby to me as I hoped for the best from God because Doctors can only describe the nature of the injury but I understood only God heals 

I can remember on that day June 7 after the accident I came out of the van and knelt down to praise God not because my right eye was shut and the sirens and uncontrollable honks from the van terrified my ears and the effect spiralled down my bones as I trembled because I had never witnessed an accident let alone being a victim in one .. but God took control there are a lot to say but saying too much will defeat the purpose of this post … 

I am saying Thank you to Jehovah my rock , protector , my Righteousness ,way maker, man of war …. And I will say thank you to everyone who stood beside me my friends who became family , they were furious for my sake when things did not appear right .. 

I know God has a plan for me so he allowed this experiences to come forth because he will not give me more than I can handle it hard to remember this in the Times of trial , sleepless nights , pain   confusion …. During those times i had a dream, I am yet to understand the meaning of the dream but I pray for it’s manifeststion. 

I am saying to you all God saves even if I don’t deserve it, His aggressive grace prevails over my life .. I stand amazed. 


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