writing Edifies … 

Forget Eloquence … The content is all that matters .. I feel so light and happy when I just write about the one true God … I witness to you these day to explore about the supreme. 

Dry bones must come alive …. 

Just like Lazarus , I will come forth from every restrain and subjugation , I refuse to be hidden .. I wonder why I find joy In these things , God , writing about him , witnessing and yet passing through mind puzzling situations … I guess he is testing and moulding me into what he wants me to be , amending me cleansing me of fear because if I don’t go through hard times how do I encourage others when threy face the same ?! … Sometimes it is a lot easier to motivate others than yourself , holyspirt I need more of you , I don’t deserve your manifestation but I beseech you after the order of my fathers Jacob , Isaac , Abrahaam … 


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