silence be broken 

I have been through the burning  furnance of life , where my faith was tested , and it is still bound to be tested because as a child of God you not exempted from trials but as a child of God your  victory is guranteed , because your victory is in him … Sometimes battled to keep the faith won some lost some … I said in my heart In anxiety and fear words that should not come out from my mouth , grieved the holy spirit but mercy prevailed … In my introspection I plead for mercy because I know this by conviction ” I said father heal me, for I have sinned …” That verse remains on my mind because I ackonowledge what I have done and I seek absolution .. father I beseech you after the order of my fathers Abraham, Isaac , Jacob … You see the child in me and you know I always come back to you … Please be gracious unto me …

Defend your interest In my life  

Next post .. Will brush on a little on the ordeal that confronted me, his Hedge still abounds around me , so turned to him for a testimony in my pain , anxiety 

Thank you Father  


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