The Burning Furnace (Hypostasized interpretation) – Raymond Akpederi


When I hear the word “burning” the set of things, concepts or words that comes to my mind is fire and heat. We live in a world that opportune the wicked to thrive in different areas of life. Life is not a bed of roses, critical mistakes can even if it is just a single one can terminate the life goals and journey of anyone, we all know a distinct character of “fire” it consumes and when it starts and it is not intercepted it consumes any object to the end. When fire breaks out in a house it has high tendencies to consume every important thing in that house it can also lead to loss of life, people who have been victims of fire outbreak have gotten certificates, certificate of ownership of all kinds of property consumed or extinguished, fire can disgrace, fire can waste, fire can disfigure. The major aim of this write up use the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to explain the topic “burning furnace” and hypostasize it with circumstances of life.

It is amazing when the enemy wants to disgrace anyone he provides the audience, he does not secretly disgrace you, No he provides the platform, if you were not even popular you become publicly disgraced and thus become popular for the wrong things. When you believe in something it is key for you to understand what you believe in and know its capabilities because that knowledge will come in handy when it’s time for confrontation.

In the book of Daniel 3 (1) “King Nebuchadnezzar made an image of gold, sixty cubits high and six cubits wide, and set it up on the plain of Dura in the province of Babylon…”  This image to me signify the circumstances of life in the world of today that false us to submit, these circumstances are what tries to subdue us, from what I understand when you bow to something or someone you showing respect or submission, when you begin to show respect to your problems there is a problem, when we begin to submit to our problems then we need spiritual intervention.
These problems without doubt have been sponsored into our path of progress by the enemy to ridicule us, we must not give in to this problems let alone allow it consume us.

The “fire” in this furnace I am addressing are those problems specially designed to consume your joy and extinguishes every avenue for you to make progress.

– I decree by the grace of God your problems must bow to you in the name of Jesus.

The Fourth man
in our world today, we need the fourth man, who is the fourth man? The fourth man is God. The fourth man in the fire protects, elevates, and turns dangerous object and situation to harmless situations.
When do you need the Fourth man?

-You need the fourth man in burning furnace of life if you must come out and be elevated.
-you need the fourth man in the fire if you are to come out as a mysterious wonder through trials and tribulations.
-You need the fourth man if your situation must turn around in to a testimony, you need the fourth man if you must manifest as a true child of God,
-You need the fourth man if you not ready for your glory to be turned into shame Psalm 4:2 “How long will you people turn my glory into shame?…” ,

-You need the fourth man in the fire if you want your case to be different,
-You need the fourth man if that situation meant to ridicule you must become your stepping stone to breakthrough.
-You need the fourth man if you do not want to bow to your problems.
– If you must dominate your circumstances you need the fourth man.
– If you must rejoice when the enemy is attacking you, you need the fourth man.
-If your problems must become a walk over you need the fourth man.

In the book of Daniel 3, the golden image was made and the people were required to bow to it, the people who were bowing down to the image clearly were ignorant because they don’t know their God, Daniel 11:32 those who know their God shall in him be strong and not just that do exploits.
What is a Burning furnace?
burning furnace are life consuming problems, they are crucibles that consume your resources, joy and any valuable possession you have, remember the quality of fire it consumes and without interception it will keep burning until that object is extinguished, some people have been extinguished by their problems and in a gradual way, the burning furnace is platform designed to try you but not consume you, Don’t you know when Gold passes through fire it comes out brighter, so you are not supposed to be consumed by your challenges it is supposed to make you an upgrade and not consume you and render you useless.

I pray today that your problems shall not consume you in Jesus name.

The burning furnace is a platform to ridicule you in the presence of people. In the name of Jesus that situation designed to ridicule you will elevate you.

The burning furnace silences i.e. some people have been silenced by their problems because they are divinely out of position.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to bow to the image even when they were threatened because they knew who they were serving,
Do you know who you are serving?
As far as I am concerned to the best of my knowledge, I am serving the God of a consuming fire that consumes fires and extinguishes obstacles because he is unstoppable, the man of war, I am that I am, my righteousness,

Conclusively, we can deduce that after the ordeal there was a lifting, the people knew that there was a supreme God not made by human hands. So no matter how much the devil tries and comes against you like a flood the spirit of the lord will raise up a standard against him be it in form of principalities and powers, this brings us to the next publication “The Standard”  … setting boundaries for the enemy….

Prayer point.
– Lord my father my problems must bow to me at any point in time in my life in
Jesus name.
– Father in the burning furnace of life be my Fourth man.
– O lord let the world know that you are my God.
– Father according to your reputation as a consuming fire consume any fire standing as an opposition in my life.
– Father give me that testimony that will silence my problems in Jesus name.
-Lord extinguish my problems e.g. Depression, hardship, failures, sickness. (Address a specific problem)

Always pray without ceasing till the next publication, bask in the graciousness of God the father, the son and the holy-spirit.


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