Genesis 49:8

“Judah, Your brothers will praise you; your hand will be on the neck of your enemies; your father’s sons will bow down to you” i see nothing but dominion and victory… victory only tells you that your battle has been won, battles are of different types e.g fear, depression, oppression, confusion, sicknesses and diseases , financial, psychological, spiritual problems etc. i see sickness leaving you right there…. in Jesus name, Fear has been an instrument used by the devil to limit our chances of dominating our circumstances, i have been victimized by fear so i know what it is and how it feels like, it makes you become what you are not, it makes you comfortable with less and that is not the standard God wants us to operate on because we can only achieve less with fear crippling every ounce of energy/ vitality in our body system, when you are scared you cannot address your problems i.e, you cannot access door breaking testimonies because you can only do little when your challenges terrify you. THE VERSE ABOVE SAYS “Your hand shall be on the neck of your enemies” that tells you that you are supposed to take the ability of your problems to voice out i.e. as a child of God you are suppose to be able to silence your problems eliminating their chances of manifesting because you are from above and anything from above is above all…

Every problem has a voice but you have the power to take that voice away… i am very sure when a person is being suffocated for example by placing hands upon their necks they will  not able to speak, breath how much more shout for help. so what i am trying g to say is that when your hand is on the neck of your enemies your problems cannot call for reinforcements, in fact the problems will come and go yet you will not notice they came because they have lost the ability to manifest…. this is an heritage it is there for the taking, some of you carry great responsibilities as the eldest in the family but yet your siblings have surpassed you, you cannot perform your duties as the eldest in the family, it is has reached the climax for some to the extent that the eldest son/ daughter of the family is being sponsored by the last-born and this is a precarious situation, when the eldest cannot somewhat look his/her siblings in the eyes in terms of achievements, productivity then there is a problem Do you know what it means to be a first-born? it is a pity some people don’t know, they think it as a title, i see it as a mantle i.e. as a firstborn you are a pace-setter, so if anyone (first-born) or any child at all is on a decline  that tells you that the individual is  not keying into that heritage  of  suffocating his/her problems, people battle depression to the extent that they give in to suicide, inferiority complex “lower than thou syndrome” i speak to ensure the truth is levitated above the ground there is a difference between “humility and low self esteem” i pray for that everyday because it is a great virtue sometimes it is hard to take the heat but it is worth it, i try to ensure it is a part of my life because Jesus was a key reflector of that priceless attribute.

if you find it hard to pick anything from the words i have spoken just remind yourselves that you have the grace to live above challenges and difficulties.  The voice of your problems and challenges is there for the taking… be of good courage and bask in the benefit of being a child of a king. (God)

I pray God gives you the grace to live above challenges and tribulations.


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