psalm 90 :14 “”o satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days”

My heart waits for you lord, i am not ungrateful in fact i know that i cannot thank you enough, You do so much for me over looking my deeds, i have wronged you yet you show me in every hues and shades that you are gracious, looking at the storms i have overcome, even the crucibles i gave up on half-way because of my uncontrollable anxiety, i yearn so much for my Isaac “Laughter” which will cancel any oscillating thought which represents unbelief, i have gone past the realm of thinking which reflects the question “if you can do it ” because i  know there is nothing you cannot do i am standing at a point where i question myself i am still worthy of your mercy that will wipe away the tears of every one that is directly linked to me in a larger sense my family and real friends. i beseech thee every night and day to prevail above my circumstances because the shoes which has been giving to me for a fitting is great in size and only you can help me fit in…. it is no longer a question of if you can do it, it is a question of am i qualified for that unmerited grace, i know i am maybe you are so great that i cannot believe you can love a man like me, with wavering emotions and unending needs, i know sometimes i know not what to pray for father remember me and show me thy glory …. As far as the testimonies are concerned i cannot remember them not because i have a short memory but because they are numerous in number and they are exceedingly great, mountains of problems you surprisingly extinguish before my eyes… i come to you because i want the joy of my family to be full, because there must be a large difference between your children and people that have refused to claim you as their father for they are misguided to a large extent willfully blind…. you have giving me the mandate to “pursue overtake and recover ”  even when i tarry to harnesses this heritage you take me by the hand and help me harness the benefits of using the mandate i am happy i am one of the few you have awakened by re-kindling the desire to know you within me for this i am grateful. The path where i find myself i have realized it is a long walk with stumbling blocks, but with you i am sure to prevail …. Father i come to you on behalf on my family and everything concerning me in all ramifications i am long over due for a tears drawing testimony, i know cannot weigh the testimonies you have given to me in terms of equilibrium but i am grateful,, how can i? Daddy according to your word in psalm 90 :14 “o satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days”  father in your speed prevail above my circumstances and silence my needs for it is dawn…. Thank you Jehova Turn around.


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