The next write up will be directed towards, BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN

c1db973116ae5a2218383fec1e5b6e28_man-and-woman-clipart-clipart-photos-man-and-woman_288-300There is a silent battle going on, a psychological but fierce and does not cease to manifest itself in the physical form because both genders are lost in regards to what they are supposed to be, they are beginning to think more about superiority rather than compatibility and understanding that is why even less-complex stages in the human relationship cannot stand the test of time, young ladies out of place as the time rolls by because they keep getting into relationships that has refused to progress, Men also in their very natural nature to seek for perfection even when they don’t know they are struck by the amnesia that there is no really a perfect person, i belong to that school that says “if you love someone, you make them who you want them to be” A person can be perfect in the eyes of another and be below standard in they eyes of others.

I am not directly going to address the issue of preferences amongst men and women that is a different subject matter that needs proper explanation and unveiling.  I have stayed here for few months and i have noticed every girl has the same story of heartbreak, some of them even come out with memoir or souvenirs for their regrettable past, while some are lucky enough to leave without one, but for how long will you gamble with your life and a case such as serious as this?
This is a war that is mutually destructive to both genders that is what most of you fail to understand, this war is fueled by over saturated misplaced ego, pride, over-indulgence, wisdom.e. some of you have become too smart for your own safety this wisdom allows you to bask in paranoia and another reason which happens to be stated as one of the least but originally it is the first is GOD, some of you are lost, some of you i am sorry to say your torment or punishment is personally supervised by heaven because you have done unspeakable things remember you must do on to others what you want to be done to you, some of you have caused havoc in the lives of others and have brought untold hardship on yourselves.

i would like to let you know that this topic might touch some areas not directly related to the topic inevitably but i believe no knowledge is a waste, Men and women are unique it is not a question of superiority it is a case of compatibility and understanding, understanding in the sense that each gender must understand their original function, no one can do without the other, so the war is a waste of time, “The woman is supposed to do what the man cannot do and vice-versa”  because the after-math of this war is an unhealthy one so we must put an end to it, seen enough men scared by war and the effect is quite uniform, remember it starts with approval from within and it begins with you…

Till that publication God bless you and remain blessed.


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