The Next write up … will be titled straight

The write-up will be directed to those whom have strayed from the right-path people who need re-dedication it does not matter what mistakes you have made, what God desires is a broken and a contrite heart i.e. you admitting you are a sinner and you need him. Making your way straight is finding your bearing with God , it is making him your number one priority, some people carry burdens too heavy for them, i see young girls, boys even women and men depressed because they cannot see the light anymore, you need the divine compass (holy-spirit), You have tried on your own it has lead you nowhere the time to meet Jesus Is now,  so your path can be made “straight”, people suffering in the midst of plenty, sickness and diseases from parent to children and you take it as a normal!, Children giving birth to out of wedlock, children having siblings and yet not knowing who they are as a result of divorce and out-positioned relationships, Young boys and girls committing fornication thus ,making it a life-style, This is not to condemn you it is to inform you that that path which you headed is destruction, you need to change and ask for forgiveness “in Christ there is no condemnation” out of Christ condemnation is inevitable  it is time for that change … Till then God bless you.
America and so many other nation is in need of aggressive grace, they might call themselves the world power in the sight of all all that is vanity, it is one thing to call yourself one thing and God to call you another, in the sight of God you can be a top candidate of hell.

coming up next “Straight”


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