Enstrangled by the fears of past experiences …

…. It is time to break free.

You have been heart- broken yes, no one can dispute it , you have invested your time in fruitless relationships you are so scared to test the waters , too scared to move on this is happening because of your ineptitude to affirm with everything you have got, that there is a GOd that establishes a man , you cannot prevail on your own.  You have studied all the books on relationships and failed , you have studied psychology yet you fail that is because those knowledge are limited .

You need to give all to God. If you feel anxiety or any superlative degree of fear you have to turn to God , You cry to people what have you gotten empathy , ask yourself “where as it gotten me?” you deprive yourself of being an embodiment of grace and ordered steps. 

That fear is a stranger in your life , you cannot advance with that fear inhibiting you in the book of Numbers 23:23 “surely there is no enchantment against Jacob.  Neither is there any divination against isreal…” The bible says “surely” that should tell you it is certain , when you are confused about a subject matter , do you ask someone in the same state of confusion as you ? I guess no following your mind, instinct , knowledge is like you allwong the blind to lead the blind . 

When you are with God you have no reason to fear because every setback becomes a threshold of upliftment. I.e. there is a lifting. 

The time for that is over, stop moving amist , invest your time and energy in things that will yield that is GOd . He is a unique package have him and every other thing will be added. Don’t give your all to humans , we even doubt ourselves sometimes how much another vessel which you are not in control of …. You Need a partner ask him and desire it and do little with your strength because … By strength shall no man prevail 

You need promotion ask him in the book of psalm 75:7 “but God is the judge : he puttering down one, and setteth up another” 

I decree today fear is banished from your life. In Jesus name . 

Run to the hope of glory. 


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