sprout up and bring forth fruit? I.e. how do you move and get to the promise your promise land? 

Blindness – “They saw not one and another “That tells you the ability to have a goal was obscured i.e. vison was taken away and that is the predicament of some people today. You see men, women young boys and girls without purpose the vagabond anointing emphatically manifested in their lives, this is the time for conscious liberty is now…

Moreover, when darkness came upon the land of Egypt the children of Israel had light in all their dwellings. 

This goes to tell you that they were divinely exempted from such plague, this is what happens when you are under God’s care you automatically dwell in the land of Goshen, the land where you receive preferential treatment from Jehovah. 

When you receive preferential treatment from God you begin; 

To dominate your circumstances.

You begin to excel when people are struggling. 

A standard is raised against lack and poverty. 

You no longer have to struggle with sickness and diseases. 

You begin to succeed rather than fail at the edge of your breakthroughs.

Your steps becomes ordered automatically. 

© It is a futile ground for seeds; By revelation I am made to understand that we are like seeds with great expectations to sprout and bring forth fruit in the eyes of God in the sense that whenwe are hard pressed or challenged with harsh conditions even to the point of being buried to the ground we are supposed to spring forth i.e. that action meant to subdue you actually is supposed to become your threshold to greatness. How many seeds do you see exposed? Seeds are meant to be buried in the ground so that they can spring forth.

-If you have being buried, by the power of resurrection of Jesus you will rise and spring forth in the name of Jesus. 

But it is pity that some of us have been battered by life, trampled upon by the devil, the devil does this using sickness and diseases, we are supposed to be enjoying this body God bought with a price by given his son to the world to die for us “For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son” but yet we struggle with sickness and infirmities which God has not put in our lives, This is the time for deliverance. 

By the reason of the power of resurrection sickness and infirmity is going out of your life right now, in the name of Jesus. 

Ask yourself personally; Are you still buried? 

What does it mean to be buried?

When you have been struggling with one particular ailment for years. 

When you make a little too much effort to be recognized in a place of significant importance.

When you try things and you fail when people around you are succeeding. 

When good opportunities passes you by. I.e. you notice you miss out on good-things even if it isby an inch. 

When you are not in the registry of heaven. I.e. you are out of the provision of heaven.

When hardship becomes a new-normal. Etc.

(d) Victory– A place where you prevail over darkness. John 1:5 “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it” You must understand that when your enemies are struggling you should be sky-rocketing through the clouds of prosperity in a quest to get to the pinnacle of “dominant achievement” what do I mean by “dominant achievement”? It is that kind of achievement that does not need conscious advertisement, it just illuminates because it is on another level. It is the kind of achievement that sends your enemies to the state of extreme despondency. 

“Dominating achievement” is that achievement that intimidates your enemies, i.e. when your 

enemies are celebrating so much for less, you are celebrating casually for extravagant achievements. This is kind of achievement that announces the God you serve. 

It is a victory that converts your enemies to the same faith you operating on, because at this point in time their efforts in time past to ridicule you begins to irritate them because of its inability to bring their desire result.

We are children of God we are not to stay on the ground that is why Jesus on the third day he had to resurrect.

So anything keeping you under is cursed today, in the name of Jesus.
Prayer point

-my father have mercy upon me today in the name of JESUS.

-O God of restoration, reposition me to my point of greatness In Jesus name. 

-Father, if My Goshen is covered in darkness receive light in the name of Jesus.

-Father increase your grace upon my life, in the name of Jesus. 

-O lord make me a priority in the kingdom of heaven, it means God should increase your grace.


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